Athletes and Tooth Decay

To be an athlete, you’ve got to be in peak physical condition. Of course, for many athletes, the focus is more on the muscles and cardiovascular system rather than the teeth and gums. This is unfortunate, as it turns out that a surprising number of athletes are suffering from a sub-par oral care routine. In some cases, their oral problems actually hurt their ability to compete.

This is according to observations made during the 2012 Olympics in London. It was found that nearly 20% of the competing Olympians were afflicted with some form of dental problem. The more severe cases threatened to prevent the athletes from participating in their events.

It would seem that many athletes practice an unhealthy diet, heavy on tooth-rotting carbs and sugary sports drinks. Meanwhile, if you fail to keep yourself adequately hydrated during your workouts, you risk allowing your mouth to dry out, which invites decay. If you’re an athlete, and you want to avoid losing your teeth, take particular care to maintain good oral hygiene.