Dentures vs Dental Implants

The Matter with Dentures

Dentures, or what your grandfather used to call “false teeth”, are the choice replacements for missing teeth that have been lost due to a variety of reasons. Dentures represent a few to a whole set of teeth, attached to plastic or metal made to fit perfectly in your mouth. And like all new dental appliances, it takes time to get used to the fit and resume your normal activities without the discomfort. All will seem well later until you realize your dentures are starting to get in the way of your daily routine. You’d begin to wish for an alternative.

Dentures have come a long way due to advances in the field and are no longer the dentures of old. However, dental implants are proving to be a more reliable alternative. Consider dentures before, they usually do not match the color of natural teeth. However that modern dentures do not mismatch in color anymore, people can still tell you’re wearing them; it’s somehow an inherent quality of dentures.

They can also cause you speech and eating problems at the start – they might be painful, too tight, or cause you to slur your words or to lisp. Old dentures can loosen their grip on teeth, slip or fall out; can cause damage to other teeth and to gums if they had become ill-fitting. And of course, the removable type of dentures require constant care; putting them on and off for cleaning or resting can scrape or erode normal tooth enamel and cause the beginnings of cavities, or hurt gum tissue. Dental implants are different; they do not cause these unwanted conditions.

Implants are securely anchored to jaw bone, preventing shifting or movement and will not loosen even as you clean them like the rest of your other teeth. They even strengthen and stabilize the jaw bone where they are fastened and promote gum health; this is unlike using dentures which are rootless so that gum and bone underneath tend to shrink. Hence, implants can better retain the shape and form of cheekbones and jawbones. They can stand alone and are natural-looking. With proper oral care, implants can last longer than dentures, even up to a lifetime.

Bellevue Dental Implants: The Reliable Alternative

Knowing these facts, would you not opt for implants instead? Bellevue dental implants are filling the need for a more stable, reliable replacement for missing dentition. Be natural-looking with implants, be more confident.