Interesting Bits To Know About Dental Implants

The Popularity of Dental Implants Today

  • Dental implants are increasingly being used to replace missing or failing teeth instead of dentures or bridges.
  • Dental implants are usually titanium screws inserted into the jawbone and capped with a permanent crown. They are very long-lasting partly because the titanium helps maintain surrounding bone, and it’s the best option for most people.
  • About 1.9 million Americans are expected to get one or more dental implants this year, up from 1.6 million in 2016, according to a market research firm.
  • When missing teeth aren’t replaced, the jawbone below deteriorates faster, chewing can become difficult and one’s smile and self-confidence can be affected. Implants feel and function like natural teeth.
  • Dentures need to be replaced periodically as fit worsens, and bridges are attached to adjacent teeth that must first be ground down, increasing jawbone loss and risk of cavities.
  • Because they can last a lifetime, implants helped make them the standard of care over older options. Many early implants from the mid-1980s are still fine. A research review found 95% of implants lasted 13 years or more, on average. Newer implants have improved designs that heal faster and better integrate into jawbone.

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