Bellevue Dental Implants: Metal-Free Dental Implants

Rewards of Dental Implants

You know that dental implants are replacements for missing tooth roots. Tooth loss is a problem for millions of people and in spite of dental advances we continue to suffer from it. For a long time, we only have a few options to address this – we resort to bridges and dentures. They are long-lasting and reliable in themselves and still are most sought-after treatments for missing or lost teeth. Then came along dental implants.

Designed to replace the roots of missing teeth, implants provide the support and stability to your crowns. They provide a strong permanent foundation for fixed or removable dentures or bridges. Unlike natural roots, they are not subject to decay and, hence, can last a lifetime with proper oral hygiene practices.

Designed to fuse with your bone, they enhance your facial appearance, preserving bone and gum tissue that otherwise will shrink if roots are missing. And because implants do not rely on other teeth as abutments, rather stand on their own, they do not compromise the health of your other natural teeth.

You actually enjoy the rewards of dental implants on a daily basis. You have full confidence that your teeth stay in place and will not slip or fall out as you enjoy your favorite foods, as you laugh and smile and talk. You do not have the added burden of taking them off to clean, to apply adhesives, or to rest your gums. Implants improve your quality of life, preserve healthy oral structures, and are cost-effective in the long run. So, why shouldn’t almost anyone who has lost a tooth or two enjoy these rewards?

Expertise and Experience in Bellevue

Come to Overlake Dental, your place for trustworthy Bellevue dental implants, and know more about how to get the best replacements for missing teeth. Half of the rewards of this treatment is in the hands of expertise and experience.