Bellevue Dental Implants: Zirconia without Allergies

What makes Zirconia Superior to Titanium?

Titanium is considered an everyday metal, present in foodstuff to medicine. Very low in toxicity, it is relatively safe, biocompatible, and versatile in its many applications. In dentistry, titanium is present in small amounts in toothpaste and composite filling materials. It is also used in bone-building materials. Hence, you have dental implants made out of titanium. They make strong root posts and accompanying abutment where a chosen crown fits perfectly.

Titanium dental implants have been popular solutions to missing teeth, and they last a long time. However, becoming a popular alternative is the non-allergenic, all-ceramic Zirconia dental implant.

Unlike titanium which is considered a metal and therefore can corrode, Zirconia is ceramic, bio-iert, and non-corrodible. Its color is white and with the root part embedded even in thin gums or its abutment through the artificial crown, it will barely show. This adds to its aesthetic value, more than that of metal titanium.

The CeraRoot brand of zirconia oxide dental implant is a popular choice among dentists and orthodontists as it is a one-piece design, allowing no connections for bacterial growth. It is implanted at gum level, not bone, which makes it easier to clean. Gums are more healthy around ceramic materials with bleeding and infection as very rare occurrences.

Studies have shown that titanium can cause allergy to a small percentage of patients. It’s almost unrecognizable, but must be of concern.

The Ceramic Approach: No Allergy Technology

To know if CeraRoot dental implants are for you, see Dr. Young Lee of Overlake Dental in Bellevue. It’s a one-stage surgical approach and a less invasive procedure. Enjoy the benefits of not just a no-allergy technology but many more in Bellevue.