Bellevue Dental Implants: Replacing what is Missing

Why should I have Dental Implants?

Dental implants are popular owing to their high success rates among patients. Serving the purpose as replacements for missing natural teeth, they are strong and sturdy foundations for fixed or removable teeth matching in color and look with the rest of your dentition.

If you are healthy enough to undergo oral surgery or tooth extraction, you can be considered for dental implants. However, you must have healthy gums and sufficient bone structure to support the implant. Success rates for implants depend on the care and hygiene you afford it and regular dental visits to check your progress. Other special population groups need to be further evaluated if they are suitable for dental implants – such as heavy smokers, those with heart problems or diabetes, or if undergoing chemotherapy or radiation in the head or neck region.

The main reason why you cannot let a tooth missing in the long-term is because the bone underneath the absent tooth will thin away and resorb. Implants actually stabilize bone and prevent its inevitable loss when teeth are missing. Just like natural tooth roots, implants incorporate themselves in bone, lasting for a long time.

While titanium implants are the most sought-after, owing to their optimum biochemical bonding with bone tissue so that they withstand biting forces well, there are implants that are non-metal favored by some holistic orthodontists. They have titanium’s benefits but, additionally, metal-free dental implants are hypoallergenic.

Seeking Expert Help in Bellevue

To know more about dental implants and their benefits, and to find out which option is best for you, seek out Dr. Young Lee of Overlake Dental here in Bellevue. A certified implantologist, he offers all the modern treatment choices, including the now popular metal-free Zirconia dental implants.