Biomimetic Principles for Bellevue Implants

Conservation Dentistry Applied to Implants

Biomimetic dentistry promotes the merits of tooth-conserving dentistry and can result in greater longevity of natural teeth. Biomimetic methods help the dentist to learn proper caries detection and removal and a more conservative restoration of tooth structure reflecting the natural tooth.

As far as dental implants go, osseointegration is important for the direct connection between the living bone and the surface of the dental implant without insertion of non-bone tissue. The bone healing procedure around dental implants (such as Titanium) involves biological events similar to natural bone healing, regulated by various growth or differentiation factors.

Titanium’s biocompatibility and durability makes it a widely accepted dental implant material. Hence, the surface characteristic of implants is a major factor to accelerate osseointegration. If biomimetic materials are used to facilitate the integration process it is mimicking the natural environmental structure of the bone matrix.

Many studies have focused on improving the Titanium surface conditions by incorporation of optimal surface roughness, including surface coating with osteoconductive compounds (e.g., hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate) and biomolecules to enhance osseointegration. The method enabled the induction of new bone formation, thereby accelerating bone formation. Coating implants with biomolecules will also accelerate initial healing times during integration of the dental implant, thereby reducing overall treatment times and improving implant success rates.

Pharmacologic agent like bisphosphonates6 is also a way of locally improving bone density in highly cancellous bone. These materials are proved to be biocompatible and when coated to implants highly increases the integration of implant and bone.

Biomimetic dental implants is catching up as the next development in restorative dentistry. Patients and dentists will find that preserving what nature has provided will result to greater longevity and health of the natural teeth. It is a tremendous economic benefit for both patient and dentist.

Biomimetic Dentistry in Bellevue

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